Avoid avoidance habits, more time and less stress

Procrastination will gradually spread and easily become a habit. Once you do this, it will erode your ability to operate effectively. But this is a hard habit to break. However, with some honest self-assessment and an organized and achievable attack plan, it can be successfully overcome. When you decide to try to procrastinate, be gentle with yourself. It may be so ingrained that you are not fully aware of all the ways you procrastinate. Perform a large or complex task first, and then break it down into smaller parts for easier completion. It is important to remember that the most difficult or complex tasks are just a series of smaller tasks.

Make verbal promises to others to improve your time management skills and desire to avoid procrastination. By checking the progress, helping you set deadlines or evaluation results, it is very helpful to involve others in your work. This will most likely make a promise on your part to fulfill the expectations they set for you. Sit down and make a plan to manage your time more effectively. When the deadline is imminent, make sure you allocate time for the project every day to avoid lurking on you in the last few hours or days. When you feel overwhelmed or tired, learn to ask for help.

Reward yourself for good behavior and goals. Don’t wait until you have completed your final goal to reward yourself for your success. Make sure the reward is what you want to do. Ask your favorite author to consider the latest book and take the time to read it. Indulge in a bubble bath or relaxing music. If you are used to the habit of being late, make sure to develop a new habit of going home on time every night. By avoiding the promise of avoiding the habit, you will soon find more time and in the process become easier, more productive, and less stressful

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